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How do I sign up for curbside recycle collection service?

To sign up, send a check or money order made payable to Scenic City Recycling and mail it to our address (at the bottom of this page), along with this service request form, filled out. Or, sign up and pay online (top right of any page). After receiving payment for Residential Service, we will deliver receptacles on the next scheduled collection day for your area. Your service will begin the following week. Commercial clients (businesses & entities), please call 423-933-4361 to set up your recycling program.

On what day are recyclables collected in my area?

Recyclables collection is done weekly based on which neighborhood you live in. Please check our areas/schedule page for your location.

How much does Residential Recycling cost?

Service for weekly residential recycle collection is:

  • $15.00 per month (3 month minimum), or
  • $150.00 annually, ($12.50 per month - a savings of $30.00 per year)

Now you can order weekly curbside collection online (A handling charge is added for online payments). Please see our recycling sign up page.

How much does it cost for Commercial Recycling Collection?

We calculate rates for commercial clients by conducting a one month trial period (free of charge if service is not continued after first month). Once the volume and number of collections per week is established, a final monthly rate is calculated. Please contact us for estimates.

What kind of recycling bin do you supply?

For Residential Clients we supply 2 containers with our phone number and website on the side. Commercial Clients will be supplied 95 gallon containers on wheels, as needed. The containers are SCR property and if for any reason service is discontinued, we will pick up our containers. Please take care to not lose or break the lids, as they are not sold separately.

Where do my recyclables go?

Recyclables are recycled through a number of organizations including, but not limited to, Rock-Tenn, Caraustar, Orange Grove, The Community Kitchen, Partnership for Families and Scott Recycling.

What Recyclables do you collect?

Please refer to our what we collect page for an up-to-date list of our recyclable items.

How are invoices delivered and what are the Billing Cycle options?

Invoices can either be delivered by email or by ground mail. Residential Clients have the option of being billed every 3, 6 or 12 months. Commercial Clients will be billed as mutually determined and agreed.

Can you recommend any other resources for recycling information?

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